We can restore your old faded and damaged photos. New prints can be made from old prints even if you don't have a negative.  Through the artistry of digital restoration we can bring back precious memories that might have otherwise been lost forever.  We restore old photos that are severely faded, stained, scratched or torn and bring them back to life.  We can correct faded colors and add sepia tinting to old black and white photos, remove people or objects and change backgrounds. We can even take your color photographs and give them the old time sepia toned look.

Below is a photo we restored for the Evans Historical Museum located at 3720 Golden Street, Evans Colorado 80620 (970) 506-2721.  The original photo was missing pieces in the lower left corner and left side, had areas of white splotches and water stains as well as writing in ink on the surface of the photo which was requested to be removed from the photo.

Original Photo before restoration
Photo after restoration
Faded Colors Faded Colors Restored
Original Photo before restoration
Photo after restoration
Minor Restoration Image has spots, dust , scratches, is slightly faded
Moderate Restoration Image is discolored or faded; edges damaged or water damage: photo torn but no missing pieces; cracks except in facial area
Severe Restoration Image is severely discolored or faded; is torn with missing pieces and there are cracks in the facial area; is stuck to glass; has severe stains and more
Color Restoration Colorize black and white prints
$50.00 per hour

If a negative is not available, all 8 -1/2x11 or smaller original photographs are scanned on a flat bed scanner.  Larger originals will be photographed utilizing a high-resolution digital camera and a print made from a digital file. This cost is included in the restoration price.  No work will be done on the original photograph.  Faded color photographs can be restored depending on the extent of the fading.  Older black and white portraits can be colorized. 

All restoration work includes one print up to 8x10 in size. For additional prints see our printing price list.  The digital file of the restored image can be burned to a CD for an additional charge of $5.00.  This is highly recommended if you would like more prints in the future.