Epson 9800 printer


Our Epson 9800™ printer with eight color K3 Archival Pigment inks™


All of our photography is printed exclusively on our Epson 9800 digital printer with eight color K3 Ultrachrome pigment inks. These inks provide the widest color gamut of ANY ink on the market, including dye based inks. In addition, it produces blacker blacks than ANY traditional chemical-only processed color print. This printer produces archival quality prints with lightfastness ratings of 108 years for color prints, and over 200 years for Black and White prints. It is highly probable that prints purchased today from us would look nearly unchanged for five generations or longer on indoor display. Your great, great, great grandchildren could still be enjoying them as adults with visible changes that would be pretty modest.


Ordinary chromogenic color prints made from color negatives, like you would get from a one-hour photo lab, have display life ratings, if properly processed, of between a few years and forty years. Our prints surpass the image quality of LightJet 5000 prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. They also offer three to five times longer display life.

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. conducts accelerated aging tests to determine print longivity. Downoad their paper on print longivitity of prints produced by our Epson 9800™ printer.   Wilhelm Imaging Research pdf.

Looking for better print quality than your one-hour photo store, we can make prints from your digital files or color negatives or slides. We make extremely high resolution scans (4,000 dpi) with our Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 film scanner.  We optimize your files using Adobe Photoshop to correct color balance, improve contrast and color saturation, and can even bring out detail hidden in shadows. If you prefer we can even print your color photos in Black & White and convert them to have a sepia tone or other color effect.


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