A letter from a constituent


Sent: 3/29/2011 9:24:14 PM
Subject: Re: letter from and to Senator Bennet

Dear Senator Bennet,

I have copied your recent form letter to me so as to refresh you as to what you wrote and expected me to buy.
Dear Glenn:

Thank you for contacting me regarding rising fuel costs. I appreciate hearing from you on this important topic.

As you know, the price of oil has increased significantly since the beginning of 2011. I have heard from farmers in eastern Colorado who are working harder than ever just to keep their equipment operating, and from small businesses that are making cuts to already tight transportation and shipping budgets. In a time when Colorado families are focused on keeping their own fiscal houses in order, the burden of rising fuel costs is very unwelcome.
There are several reasons for the current spike in oil prices. Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has contributed to high prices by stoking concerns among oil importers that weakened governments in the region will be unable to produce a reliable supply of fuel. Another source is unprecedented energy demand from developing economies like China and India, both of which have experienced significant population and economic growth over the last two decades. While America cannot control all of the world’s events, we can and must begin to take hold of our own behavior. Our addiction to foreign oil is a foolhardy example of Washington’s inability to innovate.
That’s not to say that nothing is happening in energy policy in the nation’s capital. Lawmakers are currently debating proposals geared toward helping to provide consumers with relief from sharp increases in oil prices. While I support a vigorous debate concerning short-term solutions to this problem, it is also important that Congress redouble its efforts to create a new energy policy that moves Colorado and America closer to energy independence. Rather than supporting energy jobs overseas, we can create new economic opportunities here at home, from manufacturing, to building, to a diverse array of services. 
Colorado stands to benefit greatly from strong investment in innovative, home-grown clean energy solutions, as well as from responsible development of our traditional energy sources like clean-burning natural gas. Our state is home to many independent natural gas producers that provide communities with reliable electricity, support thousands of livelihoods, and strengthen local economies. I also believe that pursuing rigorous energy efficiency standards is an effective way of curbing waste in both the residential and commercial sectors.
Due to our diverse world-class renewable energy resources, especially wind and solar, I am proud to say that Colorado has become a leader of energy research and development and entrepreneurship. In addition to our State’s world-class research universities, Colorado is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which carries out cutting-edge energy research and assists new and creative energy entrepreneurs. For more information please visit:
I value the input of fellow Coloradans in considering the wide variety of important issues and legislative initiatives that come before the Senate. I hope you will continue to inform me of your thoughts and concerns.
For more information about my priorities as a U.S. Senator, I invite you to visit my website at Again, thank you for contacting me.



Michael Bennet
United States Senator

Senator, you have become the consummate politician.  You wrote me a bunch of words and said absolutely nothing.  I wrote you concerning the price of gasoline that is crippling us and you write back speaking of our “addiction to foreign oil” and then expound about our energy policy which is doing absolutely nothing.  You then tell me how proud you are that Colorado is a national leader in energy research. 

My God Senator, what do you take me for?  You expected me to buy your Washington/Democrat two step?   Let’s you and I have a “vigorous debate”.

You and the President have made it either nearly impossible or uneconomical to drill for oil in America.  You perpetuate the “addiction to foreign oil”. 

Then the President goes to Brazil and offers them 2 BILLION of our dollars so they can drill off shore and then we will buy it from them.  How ludicrous Senator.  We sit on more oil than the entire middle east and you and the rest of the Cloward Piven Democrats won’t let us drill.  Yet you give our tax dollars away to a country that George Soros has heavily invested in their oil. 

You speak of Colorado’s natural gas that Governor Ritter drove the drillers out through his tax policies.  I know of at least a dozen good men that lost their jobs due to that brilliant move. 

I live off the grid on solar so I appreciate that we must develop these alternatives.  If this President and you were serious about such development, we would already be well on our way.  You just haven’t figured out how to tax the wind and the sun yet. 

You speak of “vigorous debate”.  That is all that Washington does.  You fiddle while we burn.  You get your gasoline paid for by our tax dollars.  You eat on our dollar.  You have healthcare on our dollar.  You get paid for life on our dollar.  You give yourselves pay raises while the rest of us see our incomes decrease.  You have become set apart from the rest of us and you listen only to the highest bidder.  I have yet to see you agree to any serious bi-partisan legislation.  You vote what the Democrat Party wants you to vote for.  That is not representing the people of Colorado..

You spoke of the need to cut spending and saddling our children and grandchildren with debt in your acceptance speech.  You have done nothing to seriously cut spending or the size of government.  In fact, you have allowed the President to spend without authorization from Congress for his war in Libya.

We are now entering into a War in Libya that we have no business getting involved with.  This President didn’t even consult with you and congress before committing our troops.  This same President condemned the last guy for the same thing.  But at least George Bush went to Congress for approval first.

Just how much BS do you think the American People will take?  You tell us we have no inflation yet you take food and gasoline out of the equation.  I don’t think you’ve been to the grocery store lately, but if you keep having “vigorous debate” instead of doing something to lower the price of gasoline and diesel fuel, you will break the back of what little economic recovery we are supposed to be having.  But then that is what Cloward Piven is all about isn't it? 

It is high time you focused on the American Constitution and what your job is.  Washington is ignoring the people that it works for and spends most of its time focusing on special interests rather than job creation and this economy. 

America is still the greatest country in the world. 

With all due respect,

Glenn R. Dotter



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