On August 8, 2011 Representatative Gardner held a Town Hall meeting at American Eagle distributing in Loveland.

Download the unedited audio of the meeting 15MB one hour long.

There was a seperate meeting with members of the press I was invited to. Download the unedited audio 2.24MB.


I recently sent Congressman Cory Gardner a letter similar to the one I sent to Senator Mark Udall. I received a response from Senator Udall that never really addressed the questions I asked. Congressman Cory Gardner sent me the response below.




Dear Mr. Long,
Thank you for contacting me regarding this diverse range of issues. I appreciate you taking the time to write and I apologize for my delay. It is an honor to serve you in Congress and I hope you will continue to write with your thoughts and ideas on moving our country forward.
Budget Deficit
Spending in this country is at an irresponsible and unsustainable level. In the last two years alone, $2.7 trillion has been added to the federal debt.  Major pieces of legislation like the "stimulus" and healthcare bills have created billions upon billions of dollars of new and unnecessary costs. It is our job as stewards of the taxpayers' dollars to ensure that these irresponsible practices come to an end, and we begin cutting spending. 
The federal government needs to operate the same way as our families and our businesses – by not spending what we do not have. Congress needs to be fiscally disciplined and make responsible choices with taxpayer dollars. If we do not, future generations will have to pay the price. 
We must put our country on the path towards a balanced budget. You may be interested to know that I am a cosponsor of H.J.RES 1, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. The resolution will ensure that the federal government is accountable for its spending. Achieving a balanced budget and restoring economic stability will be a top priority for my term in the 112th Congress. 
Social Security 
Social Security is a solemn promise from the government to its citizens. We must honor our pledge made to America's senior citizens who rely on Social Security. However, we must be realistic and recognize the demographics of Social Security have changed. The workers paying into the fund have decreased to three workers for one retiree, and by 2018, Social Security will pay out to more retirees than it is currently taking in. 
In Congress, I will work to find a way for current or near retirees to keep their benefits. I do not support privatization. Further, I will examine every Social Security reform option so we can continue to allow future generations to have a secure retirement. 
The proposed solutions for Medicare passed through Congress will not affect anyone over the age of 55. Additionally, the proposed budget will not impact Social Security in any way. Chairman Ryan's budget strengthens and secures Medicare to ensure those currently receiving benefits continue to receive the same quality benefits they so rightfully deserve, while making it so future generations will have access to a quality Medicare program. Medicaid will be transformed into a block grant program that will give states more flexibility in administering the program. These changes will reflect a savings of more than $1 trillion and will allow both programs to be sustainable into the future. Without positive solutions, these programs will be lost. 
Colorado is blessed with great beauty and an abundance of resources. It is our job as stewards of our environment to be responsible with what has been given to us. In Congress, I will work to enact responsible policies that allow our economy to grow while providing responsible protection to the environment. It is also important to carefully examine federal rule changes that have the potential to impact various sectors of our economy and negatively affect Colorado businesses and jobs.  
It is of the utmost importance that we find ways to promote clean energy solutions and I can assure you that I will work to find balance in our energy portfolio. In the Colorado State Legislature, I developed the Colorado Clean Energy Development Authority to create clean jobs and energy. However, the EPA is placing mandates on states and energy sectors that will increase costs for consumers and eliminate jobs. 
Like you said, federal government regulation is not always the answer. States must have the autonomy to do what is best to suit their individual needs, and if the federal government does have a role, Congress should be able to take time to explore the issue in depth. 
To further our energy independence, we must responsibly utilize our domestic resources, both traditional and alternative, and work to end our dependence on foreign resources. Doing so will stimulate our economy and create jobs. As a nation, we need more innovation, not more government regulation hampering investment in our domestic energy production. Having a robust domestic energy portfolio, which includes traditional resources and renewable resources, is of the utmost importance. 
Finding balance within our energy portfolio is critical as we move forward. In the Colorado General Assembly, I developed the Colorado Clean Energy Development Authority to create clean energy in jobs. I can assure you that energy policy remains one of my top priorities in Congress. These are the kind of steps we need to take in order to promote energy development that emphasizes all possible energy solutions. 
Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration is an important issue which impacts jobs, the economy, and our national security, and it is not something that can continue to be ignored. It leads to crime, problems in our schools, and threatens all of our safety. Illegal immigrants drive down wages and compete for jobs with those who are here legally. This is unacceptable and is an affront to the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal residents. 
Congress must start with securing our borders, north and south, and our ports of entry. Until we do that, illegal immigration will be an issue without a solution. Securing our border includes the completion of a fence – both physical and electronic - along with policies like an effective e-verify system. We must enforce laws that are already on the books and make sure that law enforcement agencies around the nation are united in the goal of protecting our nation. 
Thank you again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to do so again with any other issues that are important to you. 


Cory Gardner
Member of Congress



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