Campaign promise broken in just three weeks

This is CHANGE we can not afford

Just three weeks into her first term Betsy Markey voted to spend $825 Billion that we do not have for a "Stimulus Bill" that only makes Government larger and is full of PORK.What happened to your Campaign promise of holding the line on spending?


Betsy, where is your ten point plan to cut spending?Residents of the 4th Congressional District in Colorado are holding you accountable for your broken "Campaign Promise". On 2/16/2009 Betsy Markey had a meeting with patrons of the Rio Grande Restaurant in Greeley, Colorado. I went there and asked her in person why she went back on her campaign promise of not spending money we don't have. Her answer; "We had to do something".


On February 3rd, Betsy Markey announced that she was co sponsoring a bill (H.R. 156) blocking the salary increases of Federal Lawmakers. So why is it this bill has not passed on the fast track like the Stimulus Bill was? Included in the Bill is $600 Million for new Government vehicles for Government employees to ride around in. The Government already owns 642,233 vehicles. All agencies are supposed to report their annual fleet numbers to the General Services Administration. However, the cost and inventory estimates in the GSAs annual report do not include CONGRESS, which isnt required to report to GSA on its fleet.I guess CONGRESS doesn't think that they need to be held accountable to anyone.More information on the Government owned vehicles can be found here.


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