Jerry Long

Jerry's interest and fascination with photography began in his senior year in high school when he was the staff photographer on the school newspaper.  He also assisted with the year book, did school sports photography and covered some sporting events for the local newspapers.  He built his first darkroom in the family garage.


After high school Jerry arranged with the manager of the Revelaire night club in Redondo Beach, California to let him take free pictures of the various acts who performed there, in order to show his expertise and allow him to sell his photographs at the club.  Managment was very impressed and Jerry's carreer phootgraphing rock musicians was begun.


In 1964 Reb Foster and Bob Eubanks, disc jockeys at Radio Station KRLA in Pasadena, California hired the Beatles to perform at the Hollywood Bowl.  Jerry was asked to take pictures both at the press conference and performance.  He was then asked by KRLA to become one of their staff photographers for a small newspaper called the "KRLA Beat".  Jerry also did work for Casey Kasem at KRLA, and has photographed many of the 60's era rock music artists. Some of these artists included The Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, The Beach Boys, James Brown, The Supremes, and Gerry and the Pacemakers.


In 1975-76, Jerry lived in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. There he photographed many animals and landscapes native to the area.  Upon his return to the USA, he owned his own portrait photography business in Socorro, New Mexico for four years and had a custom frame shop.  Jerry has continued his love of photography throughout the years. Examples of his work can be seen in the Gallery pages of our website. Jerry is also the webmaster of our site.

Kathleen Jensen-Long

Kathleen is a native of Orlando, Florida where she was involved in wedding and portrait photography in the early 70's.  She has also photographed bald eagles and other birds of prey in the area. While living in Northern Virginia she joined Jerry in photographing the Washington D.C. area, to include historical locations from the American Revolution and Civil Wars, and the Giant Pandas at the National Zoo.  Additionally she enjoyed landscape and wildlife photography in Maryland and Virginia.


On trips to the western United States, Kathleen added photographs of various national parks to her collection. Since moving to Colorado, she has photographed many areas of the Rocky Mountains.  Her latest interest is in colorizing black and white photographs of famous " Old West" legends, including George Custer, Buffalo Bill, Kit Carson, "Unsinkable Molly Brown", Sitting Bull, Geronimo and various other Native Americans/historical persons. She wants to expand this interest to other historical photographs of persons and places.  You can see examples of Kathleen's work in the various galleries on our web site.


Over the years since Jerry started in photography, he has used a variety of camera equipment. He started out in high school using a Graflex speed-graphic 4x5 camera.  After high school he used a Twin lens Rolleiflex camera. Just before moving to Alice Springs Australia he purchased a Nikon F2 camera in 1975 along with three lenses.  He also used a 5x7 view camera which he machined out of Aluminum. In 2000 he traded in his Nikon F2 for a Nikon F100, In 2002 we purchased two Nikon D100 digital cameras.  When moving to Colorado from the Northern Virginia area, all the film cameras, and darkroom equipment were sold. After starting the photography business in Colorado, we purchased a Nikon D2X digital camera.  In order to work with our collection of color slides we purchased a Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 film scanner.



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