Photos taken in 1975 when both the road to Ayers Rock and the facilities were very much different than today. Ayers Rock is 2,870 ft above sea level, 1,143 ft above ground level and 5 1/2 miles around the base. Ayers Rock is located 280 miles from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. At sunrise Ayers Rock changes color dramatically from bright glowing reds to a dull grey.
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Ayers Rock Sunset Ayers Rock Campground Sunrise ayers-rock-28 ayers-rock-29 ayers-rock-30
ayers-rock-31 ayers-rock-32 ayers-rock-34 ayers-rock -35 ayers-rock-36
ayers-rock-43 ayers-rock-45 ayers-rock-47 Aboriginal Rock Painting ayers-rock-49
The Climb at Ayers Rock ayers-rock-67 ayers-rock-69 ayers-rock-70 ayers-rock-74
ayers-rock-75 ayers-rock-77 olgas-73 Inside Snake Rock Snake Rock


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