G'Day Mate!!!  Welcome to Alice Springs, from the heart of the outback in the Northern Territory of Australia.  These photos were all taken in and around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia.   I lived and worked in Alice Springs, Australia in 1975, many changes to Alice Springs have taken place since then. The population of Alice Springs has doubled, new shopping malls and casinos have been added. Panoroma Guth Art Studio has been lost to a fire.  For the latest happenings in Alice Springs check out the Alice Springs News website.

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alice-15 alice-17 alice-18 alice-19 alice-2
alice-20 alice-21 alice-24 alice-25 alice-27
alice-28 alice-29 alice-3 alice-31 alice-32
alice-33 alice-34 alice-35 alice-38 alice-39
alice-4 alice-40 alice-42 alice-43 alice-44
alice-45 alice-46 alice-47 alice-48 alice-49
alice-5 alice-52 alice-57 alice-59 alice-61
alice-64 alice-78 alice-54 finke-river henbury-17
henbury-19 alice-22 alice-83 rock-wallabe-63 rock-wallabe1
rock-wallabe2 standley-52 standley-6 standley-chasm1  

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